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We are highly engaged in purchasing, selling, repairing and reselling of computers, laptops, work stations, servers, scanners, etc. Companies like- Microsoft, Zenith, Compaq, IBM, Wipro, Frontier Tech., HP, Samsung, EPSON, Redinton, Tech. Pacific Ltd., Vintron, HCL, Lanbit, Samtel etc. have shown their considerable faith upon us and selected us as their dealers/Resellers of their range of products. Following is the comprehensive list of company products that we deal with:

  1. HP Servers, Workstation, printers, Scanners & Consumables
  2. Compaq Servers & Workstation
  3. Intel Range of Products
  4. Aeon Online, Offline range of UPS
  5. Zenith products
  6. Umax Scanners & Peripherals
  7. Microtek Range of Products
  8. D-Link Networking Products
  9. HCL Products
  10. Assembled Computer Systems on Demand (With On-site Warranty)
  11. IBM Servers & Workstations
  12. Samsung Monitors, Hard Disks Drives, Keyboards
  13. Power Supply Equipment from ( APC, AEON, Microtek & Vintron)
  14. WIPRO Servers, Workstation, Printers & Consumables
  15. AMD, Athelon based Computer System

Apart from above mentioned brands and products, we have also launched offers for you only. So do not waste your time to think only. Immediate contact us for below given offers:

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